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  1. MD,University of Illinois

  2. Women’s Health     Fellowship, University of Wisconsin

  3. MS Epidemiology, University of Wisconsin

  4. BS Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University


  1. Physician and Surgeon, IL

  2. Massage Therapist, IL


  1. American Board of Internal      Medicine, IL

  2. Certified Menopause Clinician

  3. Fellowship Certified Women’s Health Specialist

Featured in

  1. Peoria Woman

  2. Ladies First

  3. WMBD News

Published in

  1. Journal of Women’s Health

  2. Wisconsin Medical Journal

Areas of Research

  1. Domestic Violence Education

  2. Menopausal Syndrome

  3. Depression

  4. Anxiety

  5. Fibromyalgia

  6. Osteoporosis

  7. Chronic Pain

  8. Urinary Incontinence

  9. Migraine

  10. Diabetes Mellitus

Having been in practice for over ten years, I have witnessed many changes in Women’s Health.  Early on I came to realize that research studies completely ignored women or simply viewed them as smaller men. After completing my Internal Medicine residency in Peoria, I attended the University of Wisconsin to specialize in Women’s Health. I returned to Peoria eager to make a difference. I wanted to become a partner with my women patients and help them make important health care decisions about menopause, osteoporosis, heart disease and general health as it applied specifically to women.

My studies at Wisconsin included a multidisciplinary approach that I brought to Central Illinois. During my tenure, I was engaged in a weekly women’s health forum attended by Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Family Practice, Surgeons, Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners. In addition, I was exposed to alternative practitioners specializing in Acupuncture and Compounding Pharmacy. This clearly demonstrated how a patient can significantly benefit from cooperation between her Primary Care Provider or Women’s Health Specialist and a Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Dietician, Physical Therapist, etc. Seeing the effective results of this comprehensive style of practice, I try to incorporate that same  approach here at the Knight Center for Integrated Health.

Integrative Medicine is combining both modern medicine and alternative options  to develop a plan that promotes wellness, prevents disease and treats illness. When patients come to me and say “I only want Herbs or Supplements” I refer to the diagram below to illustrate a complete holistic approach. I  believe in using what I have learned from both spectrums. 

The model shows that a severe disease burden requires more modern methods versus the use of supplements and a moderate lifestyle change. For example, if a women in her twenties wants to lower her cholesterol naturally, I would recommend exercise, high fiber diet, fish oil and other supplements.  By contrast, for a women with diabetes and a high LDL (bad cholesterol) level, I would support a trial of those changes and the addition of Red Rice Yeast. However, after 6 months, if her cholesterol is still high, I would recommend a Statin medication. We need to harness the power of both systems.

- Dr. Rebecca Knight